14 unidentified bodies finally buried in grave - Jubi

Trigana Crash Plane: 14 Unidentified Bodies Finally Buried in Grave

14 unidentified bodies finally buried in grave - Jubi

14 unidentified bodies finally buried in grave – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Fourteen bodies of unidentified victims of Trigana Air Service flight IL 267 that crashed in Pegunungan Bintang, Papua on Sunday (18/8/2015), have been buried.

Yuliana Kalakmabin, Manuela Uropmabin (child), Markus Kalakmabin, Yosia Mote, Laode Musran, Yana Vopka, Supriyani, Yan Wabdaron, Musfia, Timeus Dubur, Armaita, Theo Stiben Kalakmabin, Alindam Yawan dan Metodius DK. Karubaba (infant) were on the list of passengers whose bodies were not identified.

Based on mutual agreement, the 14 bodies would be buried in a grave at Sentani Public Cemetary, said the Head of Medicine and Health Department of Papua Police, Senior Police Commissionaire Dr. Ramon Amiman to Jubi on Tuesday (27/10/2015) at Bhayangkara Police Hospital in Kotaraja, Jayapura.

He said the bodies in the body-bags identified with number 008, 009B, 010, 014, 016, 024, 027, 041, 042, 044, 045, 047, 049, and 050 cannot be identified. “On behalf of Papua Police, we express our condolences toward this incident and may the families be given the strength and kept in faith,” he said.


On this occasion, he on behalf of the Papua Police’s DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) team apologizes to the victims’ families since on 12 October 2015, his team received a letter from the DNA laboratory of Indonesian Police Headquarters announcing the sample of 14 bodies that previously sent by his division is not match with the comparing sample.
“We already knew that due to the condition of the bodies, we could not find a DNA profile when we sent the sample to DVI team at Indonesian Police Headquarters. Until Saturday (24/10/2105), some victims’ relatives still came to see the condition of the bodies, so we let them to see what was it”, he said.

He further added ten days ago, there were members of local community came to the scnene in Pegunungan Bintan to collect some bones for DNA testing, but such test could not be done because those bones have already dried, the cells have already dead to be tested.

Refers to this fact and finding, he said he held a meeting with the victims’ families, airline management (Trigana Air Service) and the Pegunungan Bintang Government to announce the fourteen left bodies would be buried in a grave in 14 separated coffins according to the number of body-bags.

Earlier, Pegunungan Bintang Regent Wellington Wenda told reporters on Saturday (17/10/2015) the location to buried the bodies was not in Pegunungan Bintang but in Sentani, Jayapura Region. “Jayapura Regent has approved and provided the location. Trigana Air Management also provided insurance to the families and the local government is making a death certificate for administrative purpose related to insurance,” he said.

Wenda added the local government has also provided compensation to the victims’ families. “We have provided Rp 200 million and I with my staffs directly visited and met the victims’ families in Jayapura. In total there are 27 places and we gave them directly. When the plane was announced crash, the local government has provided Rp 5 billion and 1 billion taken from the Regional Budget,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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