Trigana Flight (IST)

Trigana Airlines, brains behind the airline ticket brokers for Wamena-Jayapura route?

Trigana Flight (IST)

Trigana Flight (IST)

Wamena, 3/1 (Jubi) – Annoyed with the increasing of airline ticket’s price, passengers and consumers were doing a protest action to PT. Trigana Air Service at Wamena Airport, Friday (3/1).

Earlier on Thursday (2/1), the passengers have also walked to Trigana’s ticket counter. They were up set about the increasing of ticket price while it was difficult to obtain. Some brokerstook over the sales and sold the ticket with unreasonable price, ranging from Rp 1,800,000 to Rp 2,000,000 against to the normal price of Rp 700,000,- for Wamena to Jayapura route. When those tickets were on the brokers’ hands, they increased the price before selling it to the consumers. And when the consumers want to buy a ticket at the Trigana’s official ticket counter, they always found it was sold out. observed that the airline ticket price has increased before Christmas holiday in 2013, and the situation still continue up to now. The ticketsare expensive and still difficult to obtain.

For about three hours, the passengers of the Trigana Air Service conducted the protest in Trigana Office. The police officials of Wamena Airport intervened the mass for securing the situation.


As the result of this action, the flight schedule was delayed because the protesters were tried to occupy the airport’s runway. Due to this protest, the first flight from Jayapura to Wamena had to flying back to the Sentani Airport.

“I wonder why the airplane have to return and get landed in the Sentani Airport,” texted Fanny Renyaan, a passenger from Sentani flying to Wamena to

The consumers regretted the increasing of ticket price, as the standard price has been officially determined. However, some brokers always took the opportunities to get the maximum profit. A student, who wants to depart to Jayapura, was very upset about the ticketing system in Wamena.

“Why those tickets could be in the hands of those brokers for they freely control the ticket price? This situation needs to be corrected.  Is there the employer get involved in this game?” asked a passenger at the ticket counter.

He admitted that the brokers were always been around the airport and ticket counter. Though the officers knew about them, however there was no action have taken by the airport and police officials.

“It’s kind of ignorant. Every year the case is always repeated without any solution,” he added.

Furthermore, YomoKogoya, a student, admitted that he was annoyed because he wanted to arrive in Jayapura as soon as possible as the lecture will be started in a few days but still not able to get the ticket because of the brokers.

“It was happened because of those brokers. But the management of Trigana should give the priority to the college’s students,” he hoped.

Meanwhile the Chief of Police Official of Wamena Airport, Iptu Indra, in conversation with the passengers, said that so far his office always provide the information to consumers if they found the brokers who offer the tickets, they should immediately report it to his office but until now, there was no report from the consumers.

“We do hope that the consumers or passengers will cooperate with us to combat the brokers. If anyone found the case please report it to us for we are taking care of the case and process it in accordance to the law and regulation,” said the chief. (Jubi/Islami/P. Maizier)

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