Tribal Chief Urges Papua Governor to Tackle Degeuwo Problem


Nabire, Jubi – The vhairman of the Institute for the Development of Indigenous Peoples Tribe Wolani, Mee and Moni (LPMA SWAMEEMO), Thobias Bagubau, said the group would keep urging Papua governor Lukas Enembe to resolve the problem of illegal mining in Degeuwo.

“I’m trying to coordinate with the Papua governor,” he told the Jubi in Nabire on Saturday (2/1/2016).

According to him, in 2014, Enembe told journalists that he would solve the problem of illegal mining in Degeuwo.

“I keep asking the governor to make good on his promise, because he himself said Degeuwo mining issues endangered for local peoples, and should be closed,” he said.

There are five cases at the illegal mining sites such as the problem administration. License issued by local government Paniai era Naftali Yogi, Yanuarius Dou till current Paniai Regent Hengky Kayame.


“The license issued did not follow the actual mining mechanisms. Surprisingly. When the government issued a permit, it also did not control either. Similarly, the letter issued by the mining minister also did not got through the procedure, “he continued.

Second, the alleged human rights violations. Indigenous peoples, the owners customary were beaten by officers on duty around the site.

Third, prostitution. He said many commercial sex workers infected with HIV-AIDS. Residents who have sex too infected with HIV until died.

Fourth, the seizure of natural resources, theft of aloes wood, gold making illegal seizure of indigenous lands, felling wild.

Fifth, the environmental degradation of indigenous peoples, EIA (analysis on the environmental impact), the loss of a source of clean water for Swamemo peoples.

“We’ve made a complete document. Advocacy results since 2003-2015 has been completed in one of accountability. We will deliver to President Jokowi, governor of Papua Lukas Enembe. already submitted to Papua Police chief Inspector, Paul Waterpau.

NGOs will become our partners. We will share approximately 30 more agencies, “he said. (Hengky Yeimo)

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