Transportation Department Seeks to Acquire Speed Boat

Port of Paray, Biak -

Port of Paray, Biak –

Biak, Jubi – The Department of Transportation of Biak Numfor is seeking to acquire a fast boat with a capacity of 26 seats, with request forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation in Jakarta.

“We hope it will be answered because Biak consists of islands. We also have planning to increase tourism,” said the head of Department of Transportation Biak Numfor, Francisco Olla when met Jubi in Biak on Wednesday (13/01/2015).

Fast boats will be allocated to serve tourists visiting the island – a small island to enjoy the natural beauty above and below the sea.

“So it is not to a specific route, but is used for the benefit of society but also the interests of tourists in Biak and even for cross-county transportation, “he added.


He further explained, Biak Numfor is actually a very beautiful island because it consists of various small islands with a richness and beauty of underwater. However, it is not packed into something that has a high sales.

” IN the near future, Biak regent and all stakeholders and all SKPD leaders will discuss on how to develop tourism in Biak,” he said.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tourism guides (HPPI) Biak Numfor, Rudolf Boy Ronsumbre said department of Transportation does not have to propose the procurement of speedboats. some existing tourism speedboat units can just be repaired but unfortunately it is never repaired. (Marten Boseren)

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