The highland areas where transportation access, poor security are major problems (Jubi)


The highland areas where transportation access, poor security are major problems (Jubi)

The highland areas where transportation access, poor security are major problems (Jubi)

Jayapura, 14/5 (Jubi) – The Papua provincial government said it was experiencing obstacles and challenges in the implementation of education program in Papua, especially in the highland areas where transportation access, poor security are major problems.

“These issues remain our challenges to improve education in Papua, but I believe in the governor’s vision and mission to look strongly at all aspects in regencies/municipality level about how we deal with all of these,” Papua Regional Secretary Hery Dosinaen said in remarks at the opening of the Exhibition of Education held in the Governor Office, Jayapura on Wednesday (14/5).

“Of course we hope that our children who live in the isolated, valleys as well as the coastal areas that until now have not yet been reached can have better opportunities,” he said.

He said Governor Lukas Enembe has made a breakthrough to improve the education sector in Papua within one year by sharing 80% of the Special Autonomy Funds to the regencies and municipality, which is 30% to cover the education, health, people’s economy, and infrastructure.
“We assumed that the regents and mayor are more conscious about people who live in their administrative areas. For such a reason, the governor gave them the authorities managing their programs with the funding supports. Certainly we expected they could fully in charge to run and manage their respective areas,” he said.


The Provincial Government through the Education and Cultural Department is committed to improve the human resources development in Papua, he said.

He further said in order to ensure everything was running smoothly and on target, he urged all parties and related stakeholders to contribute their supports and efforts towards the students.
“I do not want to accuse or judge all parties’ opinions and analysis including the central government that seems like to underestimate us in Papua. However I believe that Papuans can raise up their name within this country and the world as well,” he said.

He added the Governor with all government’s officials and people gave their appreciation towards the Education and Cultural Department who made a history by holding the education fairs with various of creativity competition involving the students.
“This is a very historical moment, because it’s the first time we organized the exhibition of education and culture in Papua, even for the national level,” he said.

According to him, this proves there is creativity and innovation in managing education in Papua. All educational programs that have been performed for years certainly would encourage and improve the human resources in Papua.

Earlier, the Governor Lukas Enembe asked all educational institutions in Papua to do a breakthrough in education to produce the qualified human resources who skillful and competitive based on the world’s demand.
“The human resources development, especially in the education sector, has not been evenly distributed. Therefore it’s important for us to strengthen our local resources in order to reduce the gaps and to improve the quality of life,” the Governor said. (Jubi/Alex/rom)  

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