Students of Elementary School in West Papua (Jubi)


Students of Elementary School in West Papua (Jubi)

Students of Elementary School in West Papua (Jubi)

Sentani, 6/3 (Jubi) – The elementary school students at Puay Village were still not getting access for better study though the local government has facilitated the housing for teachers.

Due to the lack of public transportation, teachers were often not coming to the school. “We should pay about Rp 50 to 100 thousand for one trip by motorcycle taxi compared with our salaries. Can you imagine what was happened to teachers,” the Principal of SDN (elementary school) Puay, Tukayo told to reporters in Puay Village of Sentani Timur Sub-district, Jayapura Regency on Thursday (6/3).

Meanwhile, Village Chief in Charge Yohannes Kabey said actually the local government has built three houses for teachers but they preferred to stay outside of the village.
“They rarely came to the school. If coming, they came late and went home early. Sometimes they were only teaching the students to sing just like it was in the Sunday school in the Church,” he said during the meeting with the Puay’s villagers and Yorrys Raweyai, a Commissionaire of National Legislature Council on Thursday (6/3).

He further said that currently the villagers urgently need the access of public transportation to connect the village with others. To reach their school in Yoka, the junior high school’s students must walk hundreds of kilometers everyday or they should wait a car from Arso that even could not come for the entire day.
“If the government cannot provide the land transportation, the sea transportation is good enough because out village is located near Sentani Lake,” he said.


Meanwhile, Commissionaire Raweyai during the meeting said he has been heard the similar complain. According to him there are two points that the government should be concerned, the improvement of health service and education.
“It was obviously said because the distance of Puay Village is not far from Jayapura City, the capital of Papua Province. There should be a Community Health Center because the community need a better health services,” he said on Thursday (6/3). (Jubi/Levi/rom)

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