Traditional Market in Potikelek Blocked Due To Land Dispute


Wamena, Jubi – A number of citizens who claimed as land owners blocked the entrance of Potikelek traditional market on Tuesday morning (17/2/2015).

The action prompted the Jayawijaya government to postpone moving the Papuan traders to the market. One of the owners of customary rights said their parents never sold the land to any party.
“This land has never never sold, the land is still part of customary land. However, it is shocking us to know that the certificate is held by Max Puradam as a second party,” Lember said.

He then stated that they have come to see Max Puradam several times but never responded, and now there is a market building.
“We heard the traders will move here, that is why we block it,” he said. He hoped that Jayawijaya regency to immediate meeting to straighten the matter.

Assistant II Secretariat of Jayawijaya, Gaad P. Tabuni who came to see the action, revealed from the beginning there was an objection about the land due to lack of good conversation between local governments and the land owners.

Therefore, Tabuni said before the launch of the market, it will facilitate to solve the problem.
“Actually, they doubted the release of land. We’ll look for clarification by inviting the Muslims and then will communicate with the landlord here, “he said.


According to him, the government is on the part of the third and it bought the land because the area is strategic for the market. (Islami/ Tina)

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