Traders Question About Unfinished Pharaa Market

Traders and buyers at former Pharaa market - Jubi

Traders and buyers at former Pharaa market – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi -The Jayapura regency government had promised thar Pharaa market would be in early 2016 by President Jokowi, but it still has not been completed.

Yohana, one of the traders to occupy the market, wondered when she and her other colleagues would be able to move to a comfortable place.

“For too long they are in this market. Sometimes we sell indoors and sometimes outside. When can we move into the new building as promised?” said Yohana while selling vegetables at Pharaa market in Sentani on Tuesday (12/01/2016).

According to her, the current market is already very crowded, as a result many traders do not get a space for selling.


In separate place, UPTD head of Pharaa market, Daniel Sokoy acknowledged that the market is being managed, because the number of traders increases.

“We continue to collect traders’ data so we know them one by one. If there is a new trader, we accept or restrict because the place is not sufficient,” he said. (Engel Wally/Tina)

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