Torture Victims Urge Police Officers to Face Justice


Jayapura, Jubi – Lis Tabuni, a relative of two people who were allegedly assaulted by police officers in Pasar Cigombong Kotaraja, said this case must be taken to court for the sake of justice.

“I asked the authority to take this case into legal process because I want to find out why those officers did what they did to my brothers,” Tabuni told Jubi on Sunday (29/3/2015) by phone.

She further said she wanted this case to be processed because his brothers had no connection to the earlier incident but the officers stopped them and beat them.

“I want to say that up to now both Mobile Brigade and Papua Police Provost have not acted on this case although we have reported it. Actually to find out the perpetrators is very easy but it seems they are protecting their officers,” Tabuni said.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Olga Hamadi who covers this case said the suspected officers have been reported to the Papua Police Provost but have no response yet. “We want this case to be continue but until now there is no response from Papua Police Provost. However, we will find out other way because let the officers go would make them could act brutally as they wish. But we are still waiting for the response from two related institutions,” she told Jubi on Saturday (28/3/2015) in Waena.


As erlier reported by Jubi, the beating was triggered by a clash between Mobile Brigade officers and local residents in Abepura Mall. The officers then beat the four victims for wrongly accused because they have similar characteristic of highland-origin people. As the result, four boys namely Eldi Kogoya (18), Timotius Tabuni (18), Lesman Jigibalom, Mies Tabo (14) were injured and got bone fractures, some bruises as well as teeth lost because of beating, drugging and stubbing. Even Jigibalom needed a surgery because bayonet hit his lungs. (Jubi/Arnold Belau/rom)

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