Tongoi Papua, Customary Council Byak and Religious Party Declare 3 Program


Biak, Jubi – Byak Customary Council, Tongoi Papua and church party in Biak declared three important programs before the workshop’s participants from Biak, Supiori and Tongoi Papua at Arumbay hotel, Biak a few days ago.

Chairman Tongoi Papua Frans Pigome said, the three important programs declared were first, an establishment of International Training Center in Biak; second, cultural development and society capacity empowerment in seven areas in Papua and the last is Eco-tourism development.
“Training Center in October 2015 has been running with five classes by using Petrus Kafiar building,” Pigome said when met reporters at Arumbay hotel, Biak on Thursday (12/03/2015).

He further stated, these all programs required supports from all parties, including PT. Freeport Indonesia. He hoped when the programs are realized well, will give mutual benefits for example the peoples of Biak as fish supplies and PT. Freeport Indonesia as consumers of fish.

Meanwhile, chairman of Byak Indigenous Council Chairman, Yan Piet Yarangga said it supported the programs specially eco-tourism program as it encouraged people to better manage the potential marine that they have in Biak. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)


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