Papua police chief, Brigadier General Paul Waterpauw - Jubi

Tolikara Incident Will be Solved Through Legal Process, Police Chief Says

Papua police chief, Brigadier General Paul Waterpauw - Jubi

Papua police chief, Brigadier General Paul Waterpauw – Jubi

Jakarta, Jubi – Papua police chief, Brigadier General Paul Waterpauw, said the Tolikara incident will still be brought to trial and not solved by traditionally.

“It must be resolved through the legal process, not solved by custom,” he said in Jakarta on Wednesday (12/8/2015).

According to him, the indigenous conflict resolution usually can not solve the problem completely and are not approved by all parties.
“Efforts to completion with custom usually never lasting and can not be accepted by all parties,” he said.

He said he is optimistic that the parties will soon discover the intellectual actor behind the incident that happened to coincide with Eid prayer.


In such cases, it has been set the two suspects, JW and AK. Both are admitted to participate attacked worshipers in the middle of the Eid prayer in the yard of Karubaga koramil.

Both suspects JW (36 th) is civil servant in the local government employees Tolikara and AK is one of the bank employee in Karubaga. The suspects will be charged with article 160 and 170 of the Criminal Code was detained in Papua police since Friday (24/7).

Tolikara incident occurred when the Muslims were praying Eid and suddenly attacked and stoned to during Eid prayer.

When the incident occurred, the security forces had issued a warning shot and wounded 11 people, one of whom died after being treated in hospitals Dok 2 in Jayapura.

Not longer, residents burned kiosks which spread out to the mosque which is located next to the kiosk.

He ensured that the burning of the mosque was an accidental.
“The burning of mushalla was not intentional but due to the spreading fire,” he said. (*)

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