GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

Tolikara Incident Reveals Indonesian Law’s Anomaly

GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

GIDI’s members were injured in hospital after the incident – Jubi

Yogyakarta, Jubi –  “Strange but true. The odd phenomenon of law enforcement is truly happened in the Republic of Indonesia. Gradually but sure the opinion twisted by national media about the arrest of community members accused as the actors behind Tolikara incident is likely revealing the untruth of law enforcement agents that during the time doing discrimination against the dark-skinned and curly-haired people in the land of Papua,” Wilem Wandik, the Indonesian Councilor from Papua as cited from his official website on Tuesday (4/8/2015).

We definitely could digest such issue very well using the logic and common sense to analyze a trigger leading to the incident occurred on 17 July 2015.

According to Wandik, the chronology of incident is following: (1) Distribution of Circular – (2) Police keep allow Muslim community to do prayer outside and guarantee their protection by holding long guns – (3) people come to the venue of Muslim’s activity – (4) the Police shot the civilians – (5) dozens of civilians were injured and 1 killed – (6) people did anarchy in responding the burtal shooting – (7) several stalls and a small mosque were burned.
“The anger would not be triggered if the security forces didn’t open fire brutally as if the curly-haired and dark-skinned people are not human beings who have the right to live,” he said.

“To the owners of national media, those who lead the public opinion and published unbalance reportage, could you say a name of Muslim community who killed in Tolikara incident? What are their names? Where are they coming from? It seems to emphasize the sectarian problems based on religious issue; you (national media) forget the fact that the incident was a provocation of security forces by neglecting any social symptoms that actually could be prevented and it aggravated with the brutal act of shooting against civilians that killed a civilian,” he wrote.


He further wrote the journalists thoroughly highlighted the civilians who’ve been accused as provocateurs of the incident. Such drama is really disgusted. On the other hand, people who have been the shooting victims had balance coverage by national media.
“That’s a perfect story of law enforcement in Papua, which is the real criminals could have a peaceful life and not touched by Law,” he said.

Jubi earlier reported that GIDI and Muslim communities in Tolikara have agreed to resolve their dispute. Both sides also agreed to solve their problem alone without any intervention from the parties outside of Papua. Facilitated by Interreligious Harmony Forum (FKUB) on Wednesday (29/7/2015), both sides have agreed on seven points as references of conflict resolution. The sign of agreement was held in FKUB Office and witnessed by the Regional Board of Nahdatul Ulama Province Papua, Kingmi Church Synod and Papua Civil Society. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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