TNI investigates missing Sem Kobagau, civilian allegedly kidnapped by soldiers


Jayapura, Jubi – Upon receiving a report on a missing person named Sem Kobagau, reportedly arrested by four members of the Indonesian Military (TNI) in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, the Cenderawasih Military Command XVII starts investigating the allegation.

“The commander of the Military Command has sent an investigation team to Sugapa, led by the Military Command’s intelligence assistant of chief of staff, to seek information regarding this matter,” said Military Command XVII spokesperson Lt. Col. Arm. Reza Nur Patria.

Patria added that, if it was proven there was the involvement of soldiers in the disappearance of the civilian, the suspect would be processed according to law.

As reported by Jubi previously, Sem Kobagau was reported missing after being arrested by four TNI members on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Kobagau was at a kiosk owned by Mathius Dosay buying a lottery when the soldiers apprehended him.

“Four soldiers in full uniform entered the kiosk and immediately arrested Sem,” a resident who refused to be named told Jubi.


The next morning, a number of residents came to the Sugapa Police to seek clarity about Sem’s arrest. They urged the police to find out Sem’s whereabouts. The resident demanded the police to investigate the case thoroughly and brought whoever kidnapped Kobagau to a fair trial, especially if they harm Kobagau.

Alas, until nightfall, the resident did not get any clarity about Sem’s whereabouts.

Yohakim Mujizau, a youth leader in Intan Jaya, said he joined the mediation between the Sugapa resident and the police. According to Mujizau, residents occupied the Sugapa Police Headquarter’s yard, demanding the Intan Jaya Police’s assistance in uncovering the mysterious arrest and handing Sem over to the family.

“The people demand both the Sugapa and Intan Jaya Police to return Sem Kobagau to his family, alive or dead,” said Mujizau. As of October 12, Sem Kobagau is still missing. (*)

Reporter: Victor Mambor

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