Tiptop Seaport Wait Operational Permit from the Ministry of Transportation


Biak, Jubi/Antara – Transportation Office of Biak Numfor Government is waiting a permit from the Ministry of Transportation to operate the Tiptop Yenures Sea Port.


“Operational permit of Tiptop Seaport has submitted to the Central Government but not yet approved,” Otto P. Wainggai, the Secretary of Transportation Office of Biak Numfor said in Biak on Monday (5/1).


He said the shipping activities at the Tiptop seaport are moderately busy, especially the local residents’ motor boats from Yapen and its surrounding areas which transported them selling their local fruits commodities such as ‘durian, rambutan and langsat’ to Biak City. Dozens of motorboats arrive at the Tiptop Seaport everyday, but it still needs a boat landed area.



“The Tiptop Seaport area has became a main landed area for some motorists of Yapen and Padaido/Aimando Island residents, therefore it must be supported with good facilities,” Wainggai said.


Till Monday noon, motorboats and local residents from Yapen Islands were still at the port. They opened the street market by selling their fruit and farm commodities at the seaport’s sideline.


Besides accommodating the local residents, it also the port of many boats belongs to the government offices, military as well as private owners.(*/Rom)

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