Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)


Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)

Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)

Timika, 27/3 (Jubi) – The killings of two residents of Mulia Kencana Village (SP7) of Iwaka Sub-district by an unidentified group has sparked fears among residents in Timika.

Several shops and kiosk were half-door opened because of the owners were worried that a tribal war could break out again.

Two men identified as Bernadus Douw and Yulius Pigome were found dead (KAPAN?). Douw was an employee at the Jayasakti Mandiri Foundation, which operate a farming business at Utikini Baru Village (Sp12). Their bodies have been evacuated to the Mimika State  Hospital for examination.

The victims were riding their motorcycles from Limau Asri Village (SP5) to their home in SP7 beforre when they were ambushed and killed.


Residents said the had never been involved in tribal clashes between Dani and Moni communities in Djayanti-Mayon because they belonged to the Mee tribe.

Angered by the killings, members of the Mee community gathered and blocked the road in the Timika Indah area. The victims’ families said the murder case must be immediately resolved through religious, customary and state laws so that the ongoing conflict in Djayanti-Mayon that has already claimed several lives could end.

“The point is we who represent the Customary Institution asked Dani’s Tribal Chief in Mimika Regency to meet the Mee’s Tribal Chief in order to have the same perception. We want the religious, customary and state laws would be equally enforced,” said Paskalis Douw on Thursday (27/3).

The latest killings has brought the number of fatalities linked to the disputes in Djayanti to nine.

Meanwhile, a Timika resident, Selvie said she was concerned about the deadly conflict. She hoped the perpetrators could be brought to justice and the killings would stop. The police remained on guard at Timika Indah Ground and the local council of Mimika as well as some vulnerable to prevent clashes. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

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