Timika Diocese Church Chairman, Mgr John Philip Saklil, Pr - Suplied

Timika Bishop: Security Forces Soil the Country’s Image

Timika Diocese Church Chairman, Mgr John Philip Saklil, Pr - Suplied

Timika Diocese Church Chairman, Mgr John Philip Saklil, Pr – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Timika Diocese Church Chairman, Mgr John Philip Saklil, Pr said Indonesian security forces have soiled the image of the country because of their action.

His statement was in response to several murder cases allegedly committed by Military and Police personnel in Papua, in particular the last incident happened in Timika.
“People are free to do whatever they want. People kill each other freely. They are free to destroy the environment and forest at any time. So I want to bluntly say that those behind this impurity are Indonesian Security Forces,” Bishop Sakill said in official press release received by Jubi on Tuesday (01/09/2015).

According to him, this is happened because the government officials have made blunder approaches and deliberately tolerate this impurity to grow, thus affecting the dispute and violence, murder, environmental impairment and deforestation and the transaction of alcohol is growing everywhere in Papua.

Then he invited all parties, namely government, Military, Police and community to learn from the recent cases to not be happened in the future. State regulation or customary law was created to liberate humans from the cause of death, either directly or indirectly. “But humans are always breaking their own rules. It is said that the Military and Police are those who protect and nurture the people, but where’s the evidence? So far they are not protecting and nurturing, but destroying people instead. It’s the fact,” he said.


According to him, bad things are commonly happened in this country that gave impression that the State adopt the impurity. All king of impurities always raise violence and murder, vengeance and conflict, corruption-collusion-nepotism, materialism-hedonism-secularism. The impurity culture is the culture of death. Moral crisis is happening in all areas of human life.

In separate place, Regional Secretary of Mimika Regency, Ausilius Yous said he has agreed and instructed the Police to thoroughly investigate the case.
“This is really inhumane. I curse the perpetrators. I also asked the District Military Commander and Mimika Police to thoroughly investigate this case. It should be settled according to the law. This is the State of Law. The law should be enforced,” Ausilius You confirmed to Jubi on Tuesday (01/9). (Abeth You/rom)

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