Timika Airport’s New Apron Awaits Ministry Verification


Timika, Jubi/Antara – The operation of Moses Kilangin Airport’s apron in Papua is still awaiting verification by the General Directorate of Air Transportation, head of Mimika’s transportation, communication, and informatics office John Rettob said in Timika, last week.

“The ministry’s verification will confirm that an apron can accommodate planes as well as loading and unloading processes,” he added.

He explained that the construction of the apron, which is 100×200 square meters in area, was completed in 2014. This year, the construction of 100 x 200 square meters will be continued.

According to Rettob, the apron for the time being can accommodate small-body planes that operate services to a number of remote areas in Papua.

Security is another issue in the operation of the apron, he cited.
“We already have some aviation security staff members. To strengthen our human resources, we are coordinating with other parties who have aviation security staffs,” Rettob pointed out.


He has estimated that the new apron will become completely operational by April 2015. (*)

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