Three Regent Candidates Urged to Resign as Civil Servants



Merauke, Jubi – The chairman of the Merauke Election Commission (KPU), Antonius Kaize, has given three candidates running in the regent election 60 days to formally resign as civil servants.

If the letters of resignation have not been received after the deadline, the candidates will be disqualified, he said.

The statement was said by him when met reporters after the registration of candidates of regent and regent deputy at the KPU office on Tuesday (07/28/2015). “At the moment, there is no letter of resignation from three candidates. And maybe it is still in process to the central level,” he said.

Nevertheless, he continued, a statement of resignation to the KPU has been received. “We give a time limit for the next 60 days to submit a letter of resignation as civil servants. If not, candidates who have registered will be disallowed, “he said.


The three candidates are Romanus Mbaraka, Frederikus Gebze and Sugiyanto. They have expressed willingness to resign after declaring himself ahead in the elections in December 2015.

Romanus Mbaraka , regent candidate said he and Sugiyanto will resign. “We have committed to resign from civil servants,” he stated.

Nevertheless, his status as a regent of Merauke, will remain attached to the term of office ends on January 8, 2016. “I only ask leave of absence for two weeks for campaign,” he added. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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