Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (Jubi)


 Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (Jubi)

Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (Jubi)

Jayapura, 29/6 (Jubi) – Papua Police arrested three people for possession of weapons and ammunition in Abepantai, Jayapura, Papua on Wednesday (25/6).

“Our intelligence team had conducted an intelligence operation for a month in Jayapura and the border area, Muara Tami and on June 25, our team got the results,” said Papua Police chief Inspector General  Tito Karnavian on Friday (27/6).

He said they were arrested by a joint team of police and soldiers. Initially, police received information about a group that was supplying arms and ammunition from PNG to an armed group in Puncak Jaya.
“Not too long, the military command also reported the same information. The Papua police then coordinated with the regional police commander for the conduct of law enforcement. The three people arrested belong to a network of armed criminal groups in Papua,” he said.

The suspects are identified by their initials TT (40) and EW (41) and DW (26). Two of them are important figures and live in Jayapura and PNG.


Police seized  two rifles made in Canada, two machetes, bows and 20 arrows and ammunition.
“We also seized several documents that belong to armed radical groups. The police also secured 7.62 caliber and 967 bullets, ” he said.

This type of ammunition is used for AK and Moser and caliber 556 is for F16 weapon, 27 bullets of SSI and there are 88 ammunition for 38 type of  caliber revolver. “There are also five ammunition for a loop arms. This is a dangerous weapon, “he said. (Jubi / Arjuna/ Tina)

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