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Catholic priest from Bilogai parish, Yustinus Rahangiar, and several civil servants in Intan Jaya, accompany local residents to bring Janus Bagau (lying on the stretcher) to the community health center. Courtesy of Suara Papua.

Three Intan Jaya residents dead, allegedly in the hands of TNI personnel


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Jayapura, Jubi – Three Intan Jaya residents died on Monday, Feb. 15, allegedly in the hands of TNI personnel, following the death of an Indonesian Military soldier earlier in the day, a media report quoting anonymous sources said on Tuesday. TNI confirmed the death but they claimed the three were the members of West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB).


TNI soldiers visited residents’ houses around Kampung Mamba to hunt for the TPNPB member who allegedly shot the TNI soldier. Sources reported that during the visits and the search, a resident, Janius Bagau, was shot in his left arm. The bullet, it was said, crushed his bone. reported on Monday at noon Bagau was brought to the community health center in Bilogai using a car belonging to Intan Jaya regent from the shooting scene in Amaesiga.



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Two young men, the relatives of Bagau, were in the car to accompany him to the health center and waited there while Bagau got medical treatment. The two men were identified as Justinus Bagau and Soni Bagau.’s sources said when the three men were in the health center, TNI personnel allegedly came in the night, questioning the three of them while beating them. Later in the night, the three of them were reportedly dead.


The sources said Soni and Justinus arrived at the community health center in a healthy condition but they came out from Bilogai health center in a lifeless condition.


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The three of them were buried in Tamabuga, Kampung Bilogai, the sources said.


The spokesperson of United Defense Territory Command (Kogabwilhan III), Col. IGN Suriastawa said the three men were members of TPNPB who had been “terrorizing” the people and the security personnel in Sugapa.


He said Janius Bagau and Justinus Bagau signed a war declaration against TNI and the National Police.


Suriastawa said then TNI personnel hunted the shooter of Second Pvt. Ginanjar Arianda, they questioned a man. During questioning, the person, Janius Bagau, ran away and jumped to a ravine. Suriastawa said the TNI personnel had to shoot him after launching a warning shot that Janius ignored.


Suriastawa said when he was treated in the health center, two of his friends came to visit. And then the three of them tried to escape the health center, attacking TNI personnel and tried to snatch TNI weapons. But they were “pacified” until they died.


“We have coordinated with the local administration to take care of the bodies,” he said.


Suriastawa claimed that the identity of the three men were: Janius Bagau, Justinus Bagau, and Januarius Sani (not Soni Bagau). Later Tempo reported that Januarius Sani was spotted in a video of the burning of an chartered aircraft MAF in Intan Jaya.


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Editor’s note: This article has been updated to show the different versions of names of the three men between and Jubi sources and TNI.

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