Jayapura's imigration office (Jubi)

Three foreigners from Nepal detained by Jayapura’s Imigration

Jayapura's imigration office (Jubi)

Jayapura’s imigration office (Jubi)

Jayapura 02 / 01 ( Jubi ) – Three foreigners from Nepal , Prashain , Thapa and Khadka Chhetri, since Monday ( 30/12/2013 ) still detained in the Immigration Office, Jayapura. They will be deported shortly.

Head of Immigration Office, Jayapura , Soenaryono confirmed the detention of the three foreigners from Nepal . According to him , these Nepalese ask for asylum to Australia. Immigration authorities know that when all three want to extend their residence permit.

“Yeah right. We catch them when they want to renew their residency permit. When we had interviewed them, turns out they asked for asylum for Australia , ” said Soenaryono , Thursday ( 02 / 01 ) .

Head of Section of the Immigration Control and Enforcement, Samuel Enock , outlines because the three foreigners suspected by Immigration staff, then the Immigration staff perform further tests. Later known to their destination is Australia .
“The three foreigners entering Indonesia through Ngurah Rai, Bali . Then to Mataram, Lombok, Kupang. Back again to Mataram then to Jayapura. Then to Merauke and back again to Jayapura,” said Samuel, on Thursday ( 02 / 01 ) .


Added by Samuel, these three foreigners will be subject to administrative actions such as expulsion or deportation to their home country .

“Soon to be deported. To await deportation proceedings, the three foreigners placed in detention room of immigration office, ” he said .

According to Soenaryono, the arrest of three men from Nepal by his office had adds to the list of cases of foreigners to three cases by five foreigners during year 2013.

” First is Syrian woman, if not wrong. Second a man from Nigeria. And the last month, December 2013 on 30 yesterday, 3 foreigners from Nepal , “added Sonaryono. ( Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Victor Mambor )

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