Clean Water - Suplied

Three Districts in Paniai Face Shortage of Clean Water

Clean Water - Suplied

Clean Water – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Residents in three districts in Paniai, Papua, are facing a shortage of clean water, said Decky Nawipa, member of Commission IV of the Papua Legislative Council.

“After my visit to three districts – Ekadide, Agadide, and Bogobaida in Paniai, I found that residens need clean water, ” Nawipa told Jubi on last week.

He also said that several road construction projects have not been completed

“We hope that, before entering the meeting of budget changes, it should be reported first for example road of Enarotali, Paniai to Intan Jaya as well as lighting project to the people in Ekadide and Bokobaida districts, “he said.


He said, although there is Hydroelectric Power in Paniai, but the electricity could not reach the two districts due to the need of power supply.

There is also problem of infrastructure development such as the need of land transportation access from Intan Jaya to Pania in order to suppress the high price, said one of the members of DPRP, Thomas Sondegau.

“During this time, goods from Nabire can only be transported by small-bodied aircraft to Paniai. The cost of transportation is expensive and it will be cheaper by using land tranpotaton, “ he said at the time. (Arjuna Pademme)

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