Ones Suhuniap (left) and Basoka Logo (right) - Jubi

Three Activists in Biak Accused of Incitement

Ones Suhuniap (left) and Basoka Logo (right) - Jubi

Ones Suhuniap (left) and Basoka Logo (right) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The central board of the West Papua National Committee said three Papuan activists who were detained by the Biak Police earlier this month have been named suspects for alleged incitement.

The Central KNPB’s Secretary General Ones Suhuniap told Jubi on Monday (25/5/2015) the police arrested the Chairman of Biak Regional People Parliament (PRD), Apolos Sroyer and Dortheus Bonsapia, the NFRPB activist because they were initiators of protests in Biak. They were arrested a day before the demonstration.

And on 21 May 2015, the crowd started to gather at Darfuar Market, Biak for the preparation of peace demonstration but the police arrested 12 people and released them in the afternoon. However, Apolos Sroyer, Dortheus Bonsapia along with the Secretary of Biak KNPB, Yudas Kossay were still detained. Currently the three activists were accused for incitement and charged for 5 years imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of KNPB Biak, Tarsan Mandowen said the article used by the police against the three activists is unreliable. “We are not provoking the West Papuan people to conduct the peace demonstration. It was their aspiration. KNPB only presents as a media of the struggle for the interest of West Papuan people. They came to joint the demonstration on their own. So, the article on incitement is not proper,” Mandowen said.


In addition, the Central KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo told Jubi that Jokowi’s instruction to open the access for the foreign journalist and democracy is not working in Papua. “The arrests against the activists and Papuan people are evidence. Where is it go that promise? What is the realization?” said Logo. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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