Hundreds of teachers rallied to the courtyard of the Office of Education and Teaching in Madi, East Paniai District, Thursday (July 13) - Jubi / Ist.

Thousands of YPK school teachers have no certification

Jayapura, Jubi – Thousands of school teachers under the Christian Education Foundation (YPK) in Papua have not been certified.
Chairman of Christian Education Foundation (YPK) Papua Province, Nomensen Mambraku said from 8,539 teachers who are under YPK in Papua only 40 percent have been certified.
“60 percent (over 5 thousand-red) of them are uncertified, in the future we will try all teachers under the YPK will conduct certification exams,” he told Jubi.
According to Nomensen, teachers must have certification because they have to master the material of education to be submitted. But there is something more important, a teacher must master the method that determines the learning process. Teachers who master methods are better than teachers who only master the material.
“That means, all methods, media, references, etc. are meaningless if the teacher is not able to play the role properly, the teacher is very important in the world of education then must have good human resources, the absolute in the learning process,” he said.
It is said that as a professional, a teacher must have an educational standard that can be achieved by having academic qualifications, competence, and educator certificate.
“As professionals, of course there are consequences or feasibility standards that must be taken by a teacher, one must have a certified competency,” he said.
Previously, Head of Jayapura City Education Office, I Wayan Mudiyasa revealed, that in Jayapura city, teachers who have been certified only 40 percent.
“We hope that in the future all teachers are certified in accordance with the current curriculum of K-13,” he said. (*)

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