There is No Reason Not to Build Permanent Market for Papuan Women Traders


Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Councilor Emus Gwijangge said the Papua Provincail Government should speed up the construction of a permanent market for Papuan women traders.

He said there is reason to delay building the market.

“The government must be serious in this case because they don’t seem to pay attention until now. They must be serious this time to accommodate them,” Emus Gwijangge told Jubi by phonelast week.

According to him, in order to endorse the market development, the parliament plan to form a Special Committee on Papuan women market, and Special Committee on 14 seats and illegal logging. Possibly the special committees would be established at the end of March.

“Don’t ignore them anymore. The Provincial Government and Papua Legislative Council must be serious. Papuan women have struggled for this for decades. The government and parliament must have a plan to build the market,” he said.


According to him, Papuan women keep doing a protest asking the market development. After governor to governor’s administration, but it’s never been realized, it’s only a promise.

“Similar with Papuan councilor, it never accommodate their aspiration for decades. Therefore now we must take action to seriously handle it,” he said.

On one occasion, Secretary of Papuan Trader Solidarity Robert Jitmau said the land dispute for replacing the bus terminal should not be a reason to postpone the construction of Papuan market. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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