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There is No Justification for Senseless Murders Like in Timika

Ilustration - Jubi

Ilustration – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Australia West Papua Association (AWPA) condemns the shooting of two high school students in Timika on Monday the 28 September by the Indonesian security forces. The incident occurred around 19.30hrs on Monday (28/9/2015)

Caleb Bagau aged 18 died while his friend Efrando Sabarofek aged 17 was wounded in the chest and legs. He is receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Mimika, Papua. The family, local community and religious leaders have condemned the shootings.

At approximately 19.00hrs while the students were sitting in a market culvert with their school friends, dozens of police officers armed with weapons and cars surrounded the area.

Because they were afraid the two students ran however the police shot in their direction killing Caleb Bagau and wounding Elfrando who was shot in the chest and leg.


One report said the reason the police arrived was that it was because the students were reported for making a noise. Another report indicated they were pursued by the police because their fathers are reported to be members of the OPM.

Joe Collins of AWPA said “The shooting of the two students by the security forces shows yet again that the Indonesian security forces can act with impunity in West Papua. AWPA believes that the Indonesian President should ensure that not only is this incident investigated but that all cases of human rights violations committed by the security forces in West Papua are investigated and those found guilty of human rights abuses prosecuted”.

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) urged Indonesia’s Government to conduct an investigation for this shooting.
MRG, as quoted by said perpetrators must be held accountable.

“There is no justification for these senseless murders and the Indonesian government must urgently establish an independent inquiry to hold perpetrators to account,” said Claire Thomas, Deputy Director at MRG. “Extrajudicial killings in West Papua have reached unacceptable proportions, with the indigenous population living in daily fear of security forces and for their lives.”
MRG added, “This week’s shooting resurrects concerns about extrajudicial killings and impunity in the conflict-torn region, despite a pledge by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to address human rights concerns in West Papua.”
“It is not enough for President Joko Widodo to make bold promises about promoting human rights in Papua unless it is followed up with concrete action,” said Thomas. “This must include addressing the underlying causes of violence and insecurity in West Papua, including endemic impunity for state-sponsored violence and the disregard for minority and indigenous rights.”
The police chief, Inspector General (Pol) Paul Waterpauw apologised and admitted the incident but tried to claim the shooting was in self-defense. But the Families of the students rejected the apology from the Chief of Police Papua, Inspector General (Pol) Paul Waterpauw. (Victor Mambor)

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