The solidarity to support the market development of Papua Woman Traders - Jubi

The Situation of Papua Was Blurred by KNPB and OPM

The solidarity to support the market development of Papua Woman Traders - Jubi

The solidarity to support the market development of Papua Woman Traders – Jubi

By Soedibyo

The Education Program in Papua should be able to make the Papuan Youth as the Indonesian.


The armed unit of the Freedom Movement of Papua (OPM) now has been relatively controlled by the Government Security Forces, Their power is relatively decreasing, however the political activities of the youth in the city of Papua through various new mass organization opposing the integration of Papua to the Republic of Indonesia is detected to increase.


The new illegal mass organization has been   detected appearing recently and called themselves  The National Committee of West Papua (KNPB). Apparently its political battle cry is described by them as in line with the human right issue and democracy namely “the Referendum of Papua”.

It likely the appearance of KNPB in Papua is  suggested by the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (WLMWP) under Beny Wenda a relatively young Papuan, the political activist of the Freedom Movement of Papua internationally, living in London with the battle cry  “The Referendum of Papua is the
way for the solution of Papuan dispute”.

The establishment of KNPB in West Papua, is covering the Province of West Papua and the Province of Papua) it is clearly the effort of  ULMWP to mobilize  young and educated Papuan to launch the campaign of demanding the Referendum of Papua whether or not the Papuan to decide integrating Papua as a part of the Republic of Indonesia or it is an independent country.

This political issue is clearly against the Referendum of Papua supervised by the United Nations in 1969 that resulted the decision of Papuan People that Papua is a part of the Republic of Indonesia. Accordingly being the illegal organization, KNPB is not allowed to exist and making the political movement in Papua opposing the status of Papua as a part of Indonesian country.


The threat of the Freedom Movement of Papua likely has changed its character from the battle in the jungle and the hill moves to the city and town through the political activities. The changing of the generation likely becomes the main factor of the changing situation. The new generation of Papua being mostly educated and might be intellectual generation definitely does not like the struggle as the armed combatant.

Incidentally now one intellectual Papuan youth Beny Wenda who escaped from the Police detention in Papua now he is living in London launching internationally international struggle all around the world looking for the support of his political struggle to hold under the United Nation a Referendum to give democratically the Papuan people to give their political choice whether they want permanently under The Republic of Indonesia or to stand independently as the freedom nation in Papua.

Apparently as the Melanesian political cadre of Papua Beny Wenda is supported by all the countries of Melanesian racial in the Southern Pacific, namely PNG, Solomon, Vanuatu and Fiji.

There is Melanesian Solidarity Group abbreviated as MSG established by those four Melanesian Countries who meet regularly and Beny Wenda is allowed to come as the Observer but politically Beny Wenda’s political interest is supported by those four Melanesian States.

Domestically the political impact of the political activity of Bedny Wenda through the Umnited Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) has been sound attractively and also likely Berny Wenda is asking the young generation to establish the so called The National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) in both The Province of Papua and in the Province of West Papua.

Observing this situation it is clearly the Government of Indonesia has to change the development program of Papua totally, it is clear that the aspect of education for the new generation of Papuan people it is very vital and urgently to be reformed. The Education Program in Papua should be able to make the Papuan Youth as the Indonesian.


The armed threat of the Freedom Movement of Papua (OPM) will be likely decreasing, because the Power of OPM is decreasing. Young Generation of Papuan people being educated and intellectual generation they are not attracted to become the armed combatant in the jungle or on the hill.

The issue on human right and democracy is sound attractive among the educated and intellectual community abroad and also domestically. In line with the character of the struggle of Beny Wenda internationally young generation in Papua are responding the suggestion of Beny Wenda to young educated generation in Papua to establish the KNPB in the Province of West Papua and The Province of Papua.

It is likely the political activity and concurrently also the political threat coming from those young educated generation of Papua will increase spectacularly. Unluckily the existence of various NGO affiliating to the issue of Human right and democracy the existence of KNPB could be supported by those NGO.

The changing policy acted by President Jokowi  likely should be seriously supported by all the Ministries of the Cabinet. The Government has been offering to solve the problem of Papua through dialogue, it is likely the Government should have the comprehensive concept that could be offered to the Papuan people if the dialogue is conducted.

The appearance of the activities of KNPB should be described as the indication of the threat with the new character is emerging in Papua. However the possible Papuan Youth action on May 31, 2016 should be handled  perfectly by the Police to avoid the rise of hostility between the Papuan Youth and the Police. The plan of mass rallies will be held on May 31, 2016 by KNPB is murkied and blurred the situation of Papua. Besides that, KNPB, ULMWP, PNWP ets are Papuan’s society common enemies. KNPB and their gang’s must be repelled from Papua’s land. (*)

The author is a security and politic observer focusing on Papua’s problem.

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