Papuan Customary Council (DAP) of Baliem hold a press conference (Jubi)


Papuan Customary Council (DAP) of Baliem hold a press conference (Jubi)

Papuan Customary Council (DAP) of Baliem hold a press conference (Jubi)

Wamena, 4/4 ( Jubi ) – In commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Papuan Customary Council (DAP) of Baliem region celebrated Easter with reviving the local culture.

Secretary of Baliem Lapago Tribal Council, Julian Hisage to on Friday (4/4) explained that Easter day will be celebrated traditionally because they realized the presence of religious missions in the Baliem was to save the people and culture.
” The presence of  religious mission in Baliem  was for the people and culture, but we are aware that the traditional values have not been rooted in religion yet.  For example, when there is the death, the families and relatives carry stone axes, camshaft and pigs, yet a person who just re-newly born ( to be Christian follower)  carry from the garden crops and noken ( traditional bag) only. ” Hisage said.

“Basically, Baliem tradition values the death more than Christmas or the birth of a person, ” he explained.

He hopes Baliem cultural values could be integrated on Ester day so that the value will be alive.
” The church must also appreciate local cultural values. We think that acculturation is not limited to the songs that people sing in the church,” he explained .


For example, there is an indigenous dance performed in Wosi district.

Police chief of Baliem Lapago Indigenous Council Amos Wetipo, said traditional value ​​in Jayawijaya is shrinking. This happens because of the adoption of the culture from outside.

” Mainly due to alcohol, the children have plunged into the world that makes the values ​​are not maintained, ” Wetipo stated. ( Jubi / Islami/ Tina)

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