health service for Papuan (papua cloud)

The Importance of Maternal and Child Health in Papua

health service for Papuan (papua cloud)

health service for Papuan (papua cloud)

Timika, 24/1 (Jubi) – Yayasan Peduli AIDS (YAPEDA) supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the implementation of maternal and child health program is encouraging the importance of maternal and child health development in regards to the technical issues that were discussed in the Health Care Forum of Mimika District.

This forum was discussed about some issues related to the technical health programs that often being a challenge. Presented in this forum are Puskesmas (Community Health Center) staffs, facilitators, religious leaders, midwives and nuns.
 “Through this meeting, it was discussed the technical issues related to the maternal and child health programs and also participate in this meeting all related stakeholders who are working partners in health development, which are including the representatives of health facilitators from the Community Health Center. The Health Care Forum has been established in the three sub-districts that are Iwaka, Mimika Baru and Mimika, and in each sub-district there are seven local facilitators to encourage the local community to understand their role and their rights towards the health service,” the Local Public Service Specialist for Kinerja USAID, Jeannet Weissman said in Timika, Friday (24/1).
Further Weissman explained that some issues in field will be discussed in the Health Care Forum, and we will provide some inputs to the technical team, to the health division established by Kinerja Program. Such issues will be accommodated in this forum, and then the district level forum will advocate such issues to the district government at both executive and legislative levels.
In the discussion of the technical improvement related to the maternal and child health program issues, Rev. Ferdinan C. Hukubun said the Health Care Forum collaborated with health division of USAID Kinerja and Yayasan Peduli AIDS (Yapeda) is purposing to promote and concern on the health issues in Timika. Therefore this forum presented to be a partner of District Health Department and also to notice the relevant issues among the community in order to improve the public health services. “So it can bring some improvements in Mimika District in particularly in public services either from the level of Community Health Center to the Health Department,” he said.
Ferdinan said the purpose of this forum is to be a partner, so any confusion among the community can be straightened, any problems among the community can be solved for the health program in Mimika will be much better that last year.
Joint in this forum the representatives of health facilitators from Community Health Center, religious and traditional leaders and related multi-stakeholders for sub district level, meanwhile for district level, there are representatives of Health Department.
“In doing their tasks, the health forum will also select the complaints from the community based on their priorities, and we will try to accommodate those complaints and deliver it to the health centers and the Health Department as well in order to create the better health services,” he said.
It was explained that the purpose of Kinerja is to develop and to ensure the government’s capacity in providing the health services that are effective, safe, qualified with the efficient use of resources and to promote and encourage the supportive environment for the establishment of policy.
 “On the other hand, it also improves the administrative governance to create the appropriate health system that is responsive and involve the community,” he said.
It is said that the point of discussion in the forum is about the health services towards mother and children, namely the transportation facility such as ambulance that was not used properly by the community, in particular to transport the pregnant mothers who were referred to hospital.
“It is also concerning about the lack of welfare for the facilitators of Posyandu (Integrated Health Service Center) who are the front liners in the improvement of maternal and child health service, the blood examination for patients that was regarded by the community as very limited in the provision of blood slide for malaria test considering the increasing of frequency of malaria cases,” he said. (Jubi/Eveerth/P. Maizier)

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