Map of Papua Land (IST)


Map of Papua Land (IST)

Map of Papua Land (IST)

Sentani, 30/1 (Jubi) – The problem of inter-regency boundaries should be of concern to the Government of Papua Province and immediately facilitate the process of solving the boundary between the regency with other regencies in Papua. It’s aggreed by Mathius Awoitauw, SE, MSi , Jayapura Regent to reporters on Thursday (30/1).

Mathius criticized the attitude of the Government of Yalimo regency to annex some territories of Jayapura regency without good communication with the Government of Jayapura regency.
“Until now, there is no communication, especially with the local community. That means it rammed the Act Invitation formation Jayapura. If there is no good willingness and interest from Yalimo government, then we will sue.” said Jayapura Regent.
However, the Jayapura government is still giving a chance to the Government of Yalimo to give an explanation regarding the annexation of Jayapura’s territories into Yalimo region without notification to Jayapura government.
“Now, this case occurs again on proposed New Autonomous Region (DOB) from Yahukimo expansion. It also annexed Airu District without notification to Airu community as well as happens to Kaureh. The community actually expected differently. Yet, people from outside come to make the chaotic expansion efforts. “said Mathius.
Therefore, Jayapura Regent asked Papua Provincial Government to wisely look at this issues which should be no big problem. Mathius said, DOB is not necessarily executed, unless extremely needed by the community and it must be communicated to the Government that own the territory.
Meanwhile, Nafli Lessil, one team of researchers from the Environmental Foundation of Papua anthropological study who conducted a research in the village of Pagai in 2012, explained that the location of Pagai village is closer to the people who came from Yalimo, and their interaction is quite high. However, Pagai people prefer to be part of Jayapura Regency Government because the Jayapura Government serves the community well.
“Since we were there almost two weeks, we do not hear Pagai people’s desire to join. They never complain because in reality Jayapura Regency Government’s attention to this area  are quite well, especially on education and health.” he explained.
However, Nafli hoped that these boundaries should be completed as soon as possible. So, it will not cause problems in the future. In addition, local government is expected to maintain good relations with the communities in the border areas, so that they feel cared for. (Alberth Yomo /Jubi/Tina)

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