Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Arjuna)

The Endorsement of Raperdasus on Election for Local Parliament Postponed

Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Arjuna)

Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Arjuna)

Jayapura , 28/12 ( Jubi ) – Plans to endorsement a regulation which called as Raperdasus for Papua’s members parliament (DPRP) who will be elected from seven customary areas has been postponed by Governor of Papua Province.

Governor of Papua , Luke Enembe said the reason he asked for the endorsement postponed on parliament meeting at last Monday, 23/12 is due to a number of clauses contained in the draft of this Raperdasus is still ambiguous.

“I asked Raperdasus on Procedures for the Appointment of Members of the Parliament of Papua postponed because there are still some ambiguous clauses in the draft . It will be discussed again at the plenary session , January 6, 2014. Also three other Raperdasus which is still pending,” said Luke Enembe on Saturday ( 28/12 ) .

According to him, in this draft, called as The Raperdasus of Autonomy Seats, there is several articles that need to be improved. For example, what kind faction for members of the regional parliament which is appointed by this Raperdasus .


” Synchronization appointment with the political parties as well, and several other chapters. Indeed, there is a letter from Minister of Home Affairs linked to appointment of the members of the regional parliament, but still remains to be addressed, in order not to be debated later,” Governor said. (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)

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