Puncak Jaya police chief, AKBP. Marcelis (Jubi)

The attackers of Police Station in Puncak Jaya were maintained group, said Police Chief

Puncak Jaya police chief, AKBP. Marcelis (Jubi)

Puncak Jaya police chief, AKBP. Marcelis (Jubi)

Jayapura, 6/1 (Jubi) – Puncak Jaya police chief, AKBP. Marcelis ensure the attackers of Police Station in District Kulirik, Puncak Jaya were Leka Telenggen group.

“They are a maintained group and involved to keep the road construction in Puncak Jaya, but somehow it happened,” said Marcelis, (5/1).

Marcelis continued, Leka and Tengamati Telenggen with some of their friends took the weapons belonging to members of the Puncak Jaya district police, instead of member of Mobile Brigade (Brimob). These attackers are members of Goliath Tabuni. Currently, the Police in Puncak Jaya conducted an approach to tribes leaders and religious leaders, as well to ask Leka Telenggen and his colleagues to return the weapons they took.

As reported earlier, on Saturday (4/1) at around 15:45 (local time), eight kinds of weapons had been seized by these attacker, ie 1 Moser, 2 AK made in China, 5 SS1 and 135 bullets.


But a motif behind this attacks, according to Executive Director of Imparsial, Poengki Indarti, possibility were the election for parliament member and Indonesia’s president.  It is obviously dangerous if this attack was related with the execution of the future elections. Because these armed group has been exploited by certain of political elites for their interest.

“If this group did attacks by order for certain interest, it suspected that they did it for a reward. The attacking action in exchange for the political purposes is the act of gangster. If they were the true freedom warriors, they would not work for money and for the winning of certain elites. The action of the armed group was no longer the action of Independence’ fighters, they are not different with the gangsters,” said Indarti, Sunday (5/1). (Jubi/Victor Mambor)

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