West Papua activist in Police Office (Jubi)

The arrest of protester, it is bad campaign for Indonesia

West Papua activist in Police Office (Jubi)

West Papua activist in Police Office (Jubi)

Jayapura, 13/1 (Jubi) – The arrest of Markus Haluk, secretary general of AMPTPI and Papuan activists by the authorities when they want to pick up delegates MSG demonstration in front of the Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) is proof that Indonesia does not respect the freedom of expression.

“The arrests reflect a violation of freedom of expression in Papua which is guaranteed by Indonesian law and international conventions.” said Andreas Harsono, Indonesian researchers from Human Rights Watch on Monday (13/1).

According to Andreas, the arrest would be evidence for MSG delegation that Papuans rights are often violated by Indonesian security forces.

As long as there is no anarchy, Andreas added, freedom and the right of people  must be respected.
“The authorities should respect the people’s right. If there is no violations, as long as there is no burning something or hit people, there should be no arrests,” said Andreas, a senior journalist in Indonesia.


“The Indonesian government must respect the rights of the Papuan people. Reasons MSG come to Jayapura because the government offered MSG see the situation in the field. Why protester arrested? It is bad campaign for Indonesia,” he added.

In different places, the Chairman of Fellowship Baptist Churches in Papua (PGBP), Reverend Socrates Sofyan Yoman argued that in Papua is no longer freedom. Papuan People really oppressed, completely colonized, space for freedom of expression Papuans completely silenced, and the dignity of the people of Papua crushed and trampled by the Indonesian government.

“From the positive side, the arrest of dozens of activists is already showing the government of Indonesia does not know that Indonesia is no longer a democracy country but a country that uses the power of the state to oppress the people of Papua,” said Socratez . (Jubi / Arnold Belau / Victor Mambor)

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