Filep Karma (Jubi)


Filep Karma (Jubi)

Filep Karma (Jubi)

Jayapura, 8/3 (Jubi) – One of the Papuan political prisoners, Filep Karma and a former political prisoner Yusak Pakage, thanked Vanuatu Prima Minister Moana Carcasse Kalosil for his remarkable speech on human rights in Papua at a session of United Nations Human Rights Council on March 5, 2014.

“Thank God for what Manoa has done for the Papua peoples,” Karma said when found by at Correctional Institutions (prison) Class IIA Abepura in Jayapura city, Papua on Friday afternoon (7/3).

According to Filep Karma, attempts to conceal the truth will be defeated.
“It is the time that the world knows about the suffering of the nation and the people of Papua. I hope democratic countries in the world will immediately respond to the calls of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu,” he said.

Yusak Pakage, another Papuan political prisoner, said he was also very grateful for what Moana has done.
“Thank you very much Moana, on behalf of all Papuans who are victims and have suffered in the land of Papua. Those who suffer in prison, in the middle of the jungle, in refugee camps or on the run. God has opened his eyes to the suffering of the people of Papua, ” Pakage told in Padangbulan, Jayapura City on Saturday afternoon (8/3).


He said Moana was an angel sent from above to amplify the Papuans’ cries for help. ” So many Papuans have been killed, tortured, imprisoned, chased and terrorized. Still, developed countries behave as if they had no idea about what is going on in Papua,” he said.

“It is well known developed countries, especially the U.S. with its Freeport   and the United Kingdom with its BP oil company, have economic interests in Papua. They do not care about Papuans’s suffering, they only want to exploit our natural resources,” Pakage said. (Jubi / Aprila/ Tina)

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