Both Jubi and Patani crews - Jubi

Thailand Local Media, Wartani Wants to be Like Jubi

Both Jubi and Patani crews - Jubi

Both Jubi and Patani crews – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Journalists at Wartani, a local media in Patani, Thailand, said they wanted to have a media outlet that represents the voice of the Patani people without fear of government oppression.

Jubi and Wartani reporters shared their experiences in managing media outlets during a week-long visit to southern Thailand.

Wartani was founded by a group of young Patani people in 2012 and established to compensate for the local media, especially in Bangkok, capital of Thailand that do not stand for the rights of Patani people and tend to accommodate the interests of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.
“We want to be like Jubi. When reading Jubi’s news, it spoke out for the public. Although the news is against the government. In the present era, the media becomes a business. There are many ways used by the media to exist, but Jubi is brave against the stream,” said one of the crew Wartani, Rusman when talking with Jubi in Patani, Thailand, three days ago.

“Wartani will do its best to work professional and earn trust of the Patani and the international community. We need to learn from the Jubi, “he said.


He said, Wartani is now trying to become a professional media, although it is not easy.

One of Wartani founders, Zahri bin Ishak said, Wartani is now designing a variety of program until 2020 such as training in publishing newspaper and media television. Another Wartani founder, Sabri Mohamad Yusoff said Wartani was formed at the end of 2012, together with the movement of Patani student resistance, and the growth of various civil societies organizations since Malay Patani people’s rights are deprived byThai government.

“Wartani is trying to be professional media, but rather to accommodate the voice of the community, and fight for rights and justice for Patani who are oppressed by government. Media in Bangkok more often take the news material from the government. Through a press release, the government spreads its opinion to the print and electronic media. Wartani presents as a counterweight, offsetting the news media, “said Sobri. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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