Papuan Women who received the awards (Jubi)


Papuan Women who received the awards (Jubi)

Papuan Women who received the awards (Jubi)

Jayapura, 25/4 (Jubi) – On Kartini Day, the provincial government through the Bureau of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection presented awards to the top ten best Papuan women who dedicate themselves in Papua.

The award was given directly by the Deputy Governor of Papua Klement Tinal in Sasana Krida Jayapura, Papua on Frtiday (25/4).

The ten Papuan women are Fientje Yarangga, works as defender of women protection against violence, Mariam Tokora Suebu, women empowermen in the village, Welmince W Kambuaya who is concerned on Papuan education, and Joanna Yembise, the first woman recipient of the title of professor of Papua.

While, Corry Kayame Carolina is the first Papuan women who become a pilot, Sipora N Modouw as the first female head of the Papuan Women’s Empowerment, the former special school  teacher ( kids with disabilities/SLB), Marthina Carolina Saiya as a pioneering female Papuan traditional gold miners cooperatives in Nabire and surrounding areas.


In addition, Dorcas Suebu received award for her dedication on women’s reproductive health and she is also as the former head of women’s empowerment agency in Keerom, late Rev. Agustina Iwanggin Tanamal as  the first female pastor and Anita Fabanyo as a first Policewoman at Women and Children Services Unit (UPPA) of Papua police.

According to the Head of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of Papua Province, Annike Rawar, this award is given to women who have been fighting in the spirit of RA Kartini in accordance with their personal capacity.
“The ten women have given contributions for the development and changes for the gender and equality particularly for women and the people of Papuan generally,” Rawar said.

She added the aim of Kartini Day commemoration was to develop Papuan women’s live and fight against the shackles of violence, backwardness, ignorance, poverty and marginalization in various aspects of life.
“Kartini Day also gives meaning and value of the various legacy for all women in Papua to be equal to the male as a development partner.
For the anniversary of Papua’s own take on the theme “With the Spirit of Kartini, Papuan Women will be awakened, independent and prosperous”, “she said.

In the same place, the deputy governor of Papua Klemen Tinal said the provincial government strongly supports the emancipation of gender equality in Papua.
“The provincial government has given space, time and opportunity for all people regardless of gender. Anyone, either women or men has equal opportunity and rights in fulfilling the vision and mission of Papua, “ Awakened, Independent and Prosperous ” he said. (Jubi / Alex/ Tina)

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