Team when visit Okika (Jubi)


Team when visit Okika (Jubi)

Team when visit Okika (Jubi)

Wamena, 12/2 (Jubi) – A team from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) visited Okika, a proposed New Autonomous Region (DOB/Daerah Otonom Baru) in Kurulu Sub-district of Jayawijaya Regency on Wednesday (12/12) to monitor the readiness of its capital.

The team, led Slamet Indarto, an official at the Directorate General of Regional Autonomy, met  officials from Jayawijaya Regency in at the regent’s office. On hand at the meeting were the representatives of DPR Papua and Chris Manuputty, First Assistance of Regional Secretary of Jayawijaya to represent the regent and vice regent.
Chris said after the meeting that Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi sent a radiogram while the Governor of Papua issued a decree about the visit of the observation team . The purpose of this visit is to observe the prospective autonomous region proposed by the local government at the request of the people.
The proposal should be submitted to the president for a further review before the issuance of a Presidential Mandate (Ampres).
“Based on the Ampres, the team conducts the monitoring to see the readiness of related technical administrative and implementation in the field,” Chris told  reporters.
The representatives of Nduga, Lanny Jaya and Tolikara regencies also participated in the meeting. They came to get some information about the technical requirements that should be fulfilled and submitted by 4 March 2014 to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Chris said that after the submission the regional extension teams could prepare things related to these requirements. The technical team led by Slamet  accommodated and promised to encourage those aspirations in the technical meetings with related stakeholders and report it to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the President.
It would be followed up by the deliberation of a law that will be discussed on 6 March 2014 by national Parliament.
“So there are five prospective regions in the central highland of Papua to be reviewed by the technical team. They are Okika, Kota Lembah Baliem, Baliem Center (proposed by Lanny Jaya), Bogoka (proposed by Tolikara) and Puncak Trikora (proposed by Nduga). Therefore the team asked to the extension team to prepare all related documents,” he said.
He said  Jayawijaya Regency  must emphasize that the team visit was not related to the declaration of new regency because it’s still an on going process until March.
Moreover he said that Jayawijaya Regency has fulfilled the related documents including the maps of both prospective DOBs and former regency. “So please do not interpret this visit as the statement or determination of DOBs, it’s only a technical review and administrative data collection,” he said.
Slamet said in his speech to Okika people that the team has not brought any policy; its purpose was only to observe the prospective capital of Okika in Kurulu sub-district.
“We asked for your blessings that what we’ve done is truly a people’s aspiration, that the prospective Okika Regency has been regarded into the initiative right of DPR RI. I hope we can take care of this region together and the best things will happen God willing,” said Slamet.
The Head of Extension Team of Okika Regency, Musa Mabel said he was grateful to welcome the central team visit to review the prospective Okika Regency. “As a people’s representative, I appreciate this visit, and am also grateful that today the representatives of central and provincial governments and communities in Okika can come together,” he said. ( Jubi / Islami/rom )

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