Papua House representative - Jubi

Team Monitors Legislature Selection Process for 14 Chairs

The House of representative of Papua Province - Jubi

The House of representative of Papua Province – Jubi

Biak, Jubi – Registration for 14 legislative candidates under the Special Autonomy Law at Teluk Saerari is being strictly monitored by local monitoring teams in Biak Numfor, Supiori, Yapen Islands, Waropen and Mamberamo Raya regencies.

Coordinator for the Monitoring Team for candidate selection from Teluk Saereri, Alex Kirihio, said in Biak on Monday (16/5/2016) that 39 candidates have registered with the Biak Numfor regional selection committee.

“Of 39 candidates, only 26 people submitted registration documents, and about 56 percent of received documents are not complete,” he said.

Meanwhile at Yapen Islands Regency, he said, there are 44 candidates who registered and only 27 candidates submit the documents. According to Kirihio, 14 candidates applied in the selection of legislature candidate for Waropen Regency and only 13 submit the document. He said during the process of selection of the legislature candidate for Teluk Saerari region would be opened from 13 May and closed at 15 May 2016 at 00:00 Papua time, and run smoothly based on schedule.


“All candidates’ files would be verified by the regional selection committee at Teluk Saereri region in Serui, the capital of Yapen Islands Regency,” added Kirihio.

The candidates, according to him, are coming from various backgrounds, including female activists, former regional government officials, former Biak Regent Yusuf Melianus Marter, former regional legislatures, former customary and religious leaders as well as the local NGO activists. There are 14 chairs open for legislatures under the Special Autonomy Law; three chairs would be contested among candidates from Teluk Saeraeri. (*/rom)

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