Students in Papua (


Students in Papua (

Students in Papua (

Merauke, Jubi (9/6) – Tabonji district chief Wilhelmus Harbelubun revealed that teachers at local elementary schools worked only for two months spend time in the city the rest of the year, with some pursuing higher degrees for certification.

“I want to say that education in Tabonji district’s villages is like in ancient times. It does not run well,” he told on Monday in Merauke.

The teachers usually show up at the end of the test and enrollment for new students.
“I served for three years, so I really know and understand the condition of education in the villages,” he said.

He further explained that if teachers want to continue their studies at the university level, the Department of Education and Teaching Merauke should have provided substitute teachers.


The kids in the villages have passion and motivation for school. However, when it comes to school, there are no teachers. So, they go with their parents into the woods to find food for survival everyday.

Chairman of Commission A of Merauke Legislative Council overseeing on education issues, Dominikus Ulukyanan through his cell phone said that the condition of education in rural areas are very worrying.
“From year to year, I am screaming about the lack of teachers in the local villages, but there is no good response from the relevant authorities,” he said.

“I look forward to the new head of Education and Teaching, Felix Liem Gebze to take serious steps in filling the shortage of teachers in rural areas, “he said. (Jubi / Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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