Teachers of One Roof School Ask For Police’s Protection


Merauke, Jubi –The Principal Sergius Womsiwor and teachers of One Roof School (Integrated Junior-High School) Wasur asked for protection to the Merauke Police related to menace using sharp weapons by 17 pupils who got drunk around the dormitory within the school area.

Sergius Womsiwor confirmed to Jubi on Sunday (26/10) by phone. “It’s true I sent a letter to the Merauke Police sometimes ago asking for protection, because I worried they will repeat it,” Womsiwor said.

Further he revealed the Operation Division Chief, the Commissioner Police Muhzin Neungkela and his officers came to the school to follow up the letter and look up the scene. They also conducted socialization on the risk of alcohol drink especially ‘sopi’ (local home-made alcohol drink) to the pupils.
“If I wasn’t mistaken, on Thursday, 23 October 2014, the Operation Division Chief gave presentation in front of the pupils on the subject of alcohol drink. He explained a lot of things related to the effects of alcohol drink to human healthcare and criminality,” he said.

On that occasion, he also asked the Merauke Police to build a police station around the school. It could provide the secured feeling among the teachers and ensure the learning process could be implemented as usual. Being asked about four pupils who are currently still run away, he added they are currently hiding in the forest.
“They will come and sleep at the dorm at night, but go to the forest at the dawn. I don’t know how long they will hide in the forest,” he said.

Separately, the Operation Division Chief of Merauke Police admitted he conducted socialization about the risk of the alcohol drink to the pupils at that school. “I warned them for not consuming the alcohol drink. Better they concern to their education,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/Albert Yomo/rom)


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