Tarfia Villagers Complain About Health Workers Availability


Tarfia, Jubi / Antara – Some residents who live in Tarfia village, Demta District, Jayapura regency, Papua, have complained about the shortage of nurses in the village.

“Only one nurse serves at the health center in Tarfia. So, it is hard to get health care optimally,” one resident, Gustaf Deda told Antara on Thursday (1/1).

He further said that the health worker is a midwife, named Sumiati. She has served Ssince 2013.
“The facilities are pretty complete. Unfortunately, she works by herself without one single doctor,” he added.

However, the midwife does not settle to serve the community. When she goes to the city, it will take months.
“The midwife will be out of village for a long time. She will not be in place for one to two months,” he said.

In fact, according to him, government has provided housings for midwives or nurses as well as medical facilities for health center.


Another complaint is the midwives could not serve other diseases. They only serve pregnant women, infants and children.
“So, when kids got snakebite, they would be taken by boat to Demta for treatment or medication,” he said. Traveling from Tarfia to Demta by sea takes approximately half an hour.

He hoped, there would be experienced health workers placed, so that they could serve a variety of illnesses suffered by residents, especially malaria. (*/Tina)

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