Rice - suplied

Tainted Rice Found in Wamena

Rice - suplied

Rice – suplied

Wamena, Jubi – A member of the Jayawijaya Legislative Council has discovered that some traders in Wamena City sold rice in reduced packages.

Concillor Reynold Bukorsyom and other member of Commission B conducted an inspection of several shops in Wamena City ahead of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr after receiving complaints about some “naughty” traders who mixed repackaged rice bought from the state logistics agency (Bulog) before selling it to the customers.

Bukorsyom also said councilors found traders have stocks of unprinted sacks and sewing machines for repackaging that were later seized by police.
“From this inspection, together we can see that certain kiosks were selling reduced packages of rice, repackaging and sewing the sacks,” Bukorsyom told reporters during the inspection on Thursday (11/6/2015).

Further, he elaborated the findings. For instance, on the sack it is said the weight of rice is 15 kilograms but the fact is the weight is only 9 to 10 kilograms. So, the police have seized the equipment used for sewing the sacks.


According to him, Jayawijaya Legislative Council has delegated this finding to local government, namely Cooperation, Trading and Industry Office to revoke the trading permit of six kiosks that been caught doing a fraud since it has been running for long time and causing a great loss for the consumers.
“We have heard the information about six kiosks that repackaged the rice after reducing the pack. So, we just go straight to it. There we discovered 9 to 10 kilograms of rice were packed into 15 kg package,” he said. [Islami/rom)

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