Five survivors from the incidents of seedboat burned in PNG (Jubi)


Five survivors from the incidents of seedboat burned in PNG (Jubi)

Five survivors from the incidents of seedboat burned in PNG (Jubi)

Merauke, 17/2 (Jubi) – Five survivors of an attack in Karu waters off Papua New Guinea (PNG) has sought protection from the church, claiming they had been threatened by unknown people.

Anton Basik-Basik, James Mahuze, Marsel Gebze, Silvester Basik-Basik and Andrew Mahuze have reported to threat  to the office of Justice and Peace of the Bishopric (Keuskupan) of Merauke (SKP-KAME).

Chairman of SKP-KAME, Hary Warsoek, in a meeting with commision A of House of Representatives (DPRD) Merauke, Monday (2/17) said the five men had asked for protection from SKP-KAME following a threat of violence.
“I contacted the Archbishop of Merauke, Mgr. Nicolaus Adi Seputra, MSC and ordered to provide protection to the five survivors, “he said.

Chairman of Commission A of DPRD Merauke, Dominic Ulukyanan, said there was not much information related to the burning of the ship.
“So far, the five others who went missing have not been found. I think we should immediately respond quickly, “he said.


He said: “We will convey to chairman of the board in order to classify the case by inviting all parties. So that it can be known clearly whether the speedboat was burnt down by PNG soldiers or not.

Meanwhile, relatives of the survivors had lodged a report to the House of Representatives (DPRD) of Merauke, on Monday (2/17).

In a statement read out by Paul Samkakai, one of the victim’s relatives demanded local government to ask sea cucumber entrepreneurs who are in the town of Merauke to close down their illegal businesses in PNG through cross-border. He urged the government to facilitate talks related to the missing victims who survived.

“Yes, we also ask the victim’s family who are still alive and dead to meet. So that there will be further communication to avoid threats,” he said, Monday (2/17).

He said he hoped DPRD of Meraule and the local government, as well as the police to provide protection to the survivors and their families.
“Besides, please do not issue a license or a passport from the village and district roads for RI-PNG border crossers due to the abuse of authority or a letter from related institutions,” he said. (Jubi / Frans Kobun/ Tina)

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