Students Urge Papua Parliament to Form Investigation Team on Yahukimo Case


Jayapura, Jubi – At least 200 Yahukimo students in Jayapura held a peaceful protest in front of the Papua Parliament Office on Monday (30/3/2015).

The protestors, who called themselves the Yahukimo Student Community, urged the Papua legislative council to form a team to investigate violence that marred the dissolution of Yahukimo West Papua National Committee’s fundraising.

Protest coordinator Olmek Nawa said the students wanted their representatives and NGOs to be involved in such a team.
“The perpetrator must face trial according to the Law. Papua Police Chief must pull out the Mobile Brigade from Yahukimo because it adds traumatic for people. The letter signed by seven tribe chiefs must be retrieved because we are the students and youths had no idea about it,” Nawa reading their statement.

Further according to him, the Papua Legislative Council must urge Yahukimo Police Chief’s dismissal since he couldn’t take control on his officers.
“We want the parliament to immediately follow up our aspiration in particular those who represented Yahukimo Regency. They must not consider this case is over. It is now under UN Human Right Commission’s review,” he said.

Several councilors including Orwan Tolli Wonne, Laurenzus Kadepa, Mathea Maoyau, Gerson Soma, Natan Pahabol, Sunut Busup, Lazarus Siep, Thomas Sondegau and Tan Wie Long met with the crowd. Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I Deputy Chairman Orwan Tolli Wanne said his commission has considered the action would be taken by parliament related to Yahukimo case.
“We will form an investigation team and we will discuss it with Papua Legislative Council Chairman. We will process and follow up this aspiration,” Tolli Wonne said.


Meanwhile Yahukimo Regency elected councilor Natan Pahabol said he and four councilors from Yahukimo would depart to Yahukimo.
“We will conduct an investigation to related parties and publish the report through media and so on. Since 1969, human right violations in Papua had never ended. We are five councilors represented Yahukimo Regency and other parliament members will depart to Yahukimo for investigation. We will discuss the findings in plenary meeting and recommend it to related parties,” said Natan Pahabol. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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