Students Urge Papua Legislative Council to Be Impartial over Yahukimo Case


Jayapura, Jubi – Students from Yahukimo urged the Papua Legislative Council’s special committee to immediately follow up on its investigation and publish the results openly.

The Coordinator of Student Solidarity for the Yahukimo Incident, Olmek Nawa, told reporters last Monday that the investigation team must not take sides in its inquiry.
“The students asked the Papua Legislative Council to involve the students and NGOs in investigating the Yahukimo case. But since we are not involved in the investigation, I went to Yahukimo to collect some data and now I have sufficient data,” Nawa told reporters in Waena.

“I appeal the Papuan people to wait until the result of investigation is published by the Papua Legislative Council,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Student Representative Council Chairman of Faculty of Social and Political Science from Cenderawasih University, Pontius Omoldoman said Yahukimo students are currently waiting for the results of investigation by the parliament. The students asked the Papua Legislative Council to be neutral in covering the perpetrator.
“If the result does not correspond to the reality on the ground, we will rally to the Parliament Office once again. We are, the students, not hesitate to voice about the truth in Papua. We asked them to not making a mistake in revealing the result of investigation. If they made a mistake, we will ask them to compile their data with ours, and NGOs. (Arnold Belau/Rom)


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