Students unable to Study After School Blocked


Merauke, Jubi – A group of people blockaded a state junior high school (SMP) in Urumb, Tanah Merah district, Merauke Regency on Tuesday (3/11), preventing students from studying, Felix Liem Gebze said.

“Yes, the junior high school principal came and reported it, as a result, learning activities is paralized for a while,” he told Jubi.

He said he did not know who the perpetrators werre. “After we check with the customary land rights of the clan, Basik-Basik, they themselves said that they do not know about it,”

Gebze said the school has all the required paperwork on the ownership of the land. “The Merauke government has complete documents ranging from the delivery of money as well as photographs,” he added.

The Government bought the land several years ago from the previous owner.


Although, the government has the paperwork,  it promised to come to Urumb for direct dialogue with the community. “Later on I will show you all the documents that we have such as a certificate and proof of payment of compensation for land,” he said.

He then asked the Principal to search for a vacant building to be used as a temporary place so that teaching and learning activities would continue while waiting for the problem resolved.

Dominic Ulukyanan, education observant, stated whatever reason, this case should not be happened because it will have an impact on the learning process. “The people should talk to the government in, if they feel the customary land compensation has not been settled,” the former member of merauke parliament pledged. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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