Students hold protest in front of Medical Program (Jubi)


Students hold protest in front of Medical Program (Jubi)

Students hold protest in front of Medical Program (Jubi)

Jayapura , 26/5 ( Jubi ) – Students said they appreciated the Executive Board of Cenderawasih University for taking a step forward to facilitate students when critiquing faculty leaders who are not pro- students, but they criticized the board for not being serious.

“Yes, we agree that there is a step forward done to bring students and Medical program and Social and Political Sciences faculty heads together but what is the point if they do not get the same solution ” the chairman of the Student Executive Board, Yoan Alfredo Wantibman said via mobile phones.

Previously, there was a meeting between University leaders, heads of the Medical program and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences with the students at University Auditorium on Friday( 23/5). Then, during the meeting, Yoan, a student of Social and Political Science walked out of the room because there was no satisfactory solution.
“Medical students demanded the dean to resign as there has been no significant change for 12 years. We still use old facilities while the faculty’s revenue continues to increase each year. We are doubtful, there would be a game if it will be discussed and decide later by them, ” he said.

Coordinator of Student Solidarity of Health Care Faculty of Medicine ( FSMS – FK ) , Benyamin Lagowan added that what is demanded by medical students have been known by faculty leaders since last November 2013. For that it appealed to all parties to see and support this issue. He also expressed his disappointment to the senior faculty who is intervened in the action “The faculty should have helped by voicing the untruth and not to scare and terrorize us” he added.


Feronika , one of the medical students via text message to reporters also deeply disappointed because all the parties do not comply with the collective agreement.
“I got a report that there is another medical student who is training at Jayapura Public Hospital. How we could progress if this case is still allowed. The lecturers should have shown good examples ” she said.

She further said that for students who got involved would encounter some difficulties when training at the hospital ” she wrote at the end of the message. ( Jubi / Mecky/ Tina )

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