Freeport's mining area - Jubi

Students Reject Freeport’s Affiliated Mining Companies in Intan Jaya

Freeport's mining area - Jubi

Freeport’s mining area – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Students from Intan Jaya Regency expressed opposition to plans by Freeport-affiliated companies do conduct operations there.

The locations for explorations are Wabu and Lokabu in Sugapa sub-district as well as Kemabu and Yabuin Homeho sub-district and Itadipab sub-district.

A student of International Relations at Cenderawasih University, Omiel Zagani , 23, said in 1961 and 1999, PT Freeport Indonesia conducted mining operations but never paid compensation to the customary people.
“We definitely reject any form of mining operations. We are still traumatized by the last experience with PT. Freeport. Before it pays compensation to the customary people, as a member of the young generation of Intan Jaya, we strongly refuse the mining operations in our region,” Zagani told reporters on last weekend.

He further appealed all relevant parties in regards to the mining issue to make a joint agreement involved the customary, community, youth, and religious leaders as well as students and mining companies. “It must be done to avoid the experience in the past decades,” he said.


When asked is that only PT Freeport Indonesia was coming to do mining operations in Intan Jaya, Zagani admitted between the periode of 1961 – 1990, PT Freeport did massive exploitation in Intan Jaya, but four mining companies affiliated with PT Freeport are now existing in the region although have not yet run the mining activities.
“Currently four Freeport’s affiliated companies are existed, namely PT. Irian Mineral, PT. Indika Energi, PT. Manersave, while I forget the name of the other one,” Zagani said.

Meanwhile, the Representative Chief of PT Freeport Indonesian in Jayapura City, Piter Tukan on telephone conversation confirmed that currently PT Freeport is trying to reduce its mining operation areas in Papua. “That information is not true. We are now reducing the operation areas and not doing expansion,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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