Students Rally over Domination of Non-Papuans in Sorong Selatan Administration


Sorong, Jubi – Students in Sorong Raya, criticized the policy of Sorong Selatan Regent who appointed many non-Papuans to fill positions in his administration.

Leader of students in Sorong Raya, Yosep Titiriolobi Hohame, said the regent’s policy of appointing non-Papuan officials to fill strategic positions in Sorong Selatan Regency amount to marginalization of indigenous Papuans.
“In fact referring to Special Autonomy Law No. 21/2001, Papuans should be a master on their land. The regent has declined the mandate of the law. It’s risky that other people should give us an order,” he said.

The mentioned strategic positions are Acting Regional Secretary, Head of General Work Office, Head of Regional Asset and Finance Agency, Acting Head of Regional Development Planning Body, Acting Head of Education Office, Section Head of Regional Administration, Head of Public Relations, Secretary of General Work Office, Treasure of Regional Secretariat, Head Section of Education Financing, Head Section of Health Financing, Head of Environment Office, Secretary of Fishery, Head of Mining Office, Inspectorate Secretary, Secretary of Education Office and some other structural positions of echelon III and IV.

“The regent has violated the Special Autonomy Law by never empowering the native Papuans to become a master on their own land,” Yosep said. He asked the governor, West Papua People’s Assembly and Councilors from the fraction of Special Autonomy of West Papua Province to reprimand the regent. (*/rom)


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