Students of Elementary School SD Inpress Kampung Forced to Sit On the Floor


Merauke, Jubi – Chairs and tables of two fifth grade classrooms at elementary school, SD Inpres Kampung were taken back by one of carpentry companies as there was no settlement payment by the contractor.

As a result, students have been forced to sit on the floor, disrupting the teaching and learning process.

“Yes, it has been almost a week fifth grade students in the two classrooms sitting on the floor because the chairs and tables were carried back by the companies,” principal of SD Inpress Kampung Baru, Velisitas Kamudu said to Jubi in the office on Wednesday (1/21).

Head of Education department and his staff went straight to the school. “Yes, the children sat on the floor while receiving a lesson,” he said.

He further explained the case was occurred due to nonpayment of 100 chairs and tables. While the contractor on behalf of Fina has withdrawn all the money in December 2014.

He said, although some chairs and tables have been delivered and used by students, still there is still a shortage of seats as many as 86 pieces. Tables are complete but  they still sit on the chair without table.

Fifth grade teacher Francis Nggoro said, though students sitting on the floor, but learning activities are still running. “Yes, there are only a few chairs and tables in the classroom,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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